Monday, 10 September 2012

Gerhana Skacinta ridim

In the late '90s, while the third-wave ska bred new faces & categories like ska punk & ska core: Gerhana Skacinta(GSC) stayed on the traditional path, remaining faithful to a kind of rootsy purity. This purity wasn't based on snottiness or exclusivity, everyone by all means is invited to GSC party based on determination that some music is timeless.

GSC was formed by Edy J Herwan. The name Gerhana Skacinta was a spontaneous idea by Edy who was hardly thinking of the name for his ska band.The idea was to have a classic name for the band.The first gig the band played at was 'Ska Clinic'. In early 2001, Mr Tang (Clocrkwork Records boss) offered GSC to record for compilation album entitled 'Tribute to Sweet Charity'(Singapore/Malaysian pioneer of rock band) they covered the song 'Jangan Tunggu Lama-Lama', it was a big hit & received a lot of radio airplay.

In march 2002, GSC signed up with Clockwork Records ready to record their first EP consisted of 5 tracks, album entitled 'Skali skale'. In late 2002 GSC came out with their full length album 'Boss Sounds' consisted of 11 tracks. GSC continue recording their studio album entitled 'The New Authentic' consisting of 13 tracks, with this album GSC become the favourite hot band and they song 'Senyuman Raga Mu' feat Radhi 'OAG' was a big hit & received Lot of radio play. The succesful the album, their release 'The Re-New Authentic (repackaged album) is consist of 3 bonus track 'Karisma Cinta', 'Senyuman Ragamu acoustic version' & 'Ku Tunggu Mu Di Sungai Babylon' with 3 track minus one of 'Senyuman Ragamu', 'Terpesona' and 'Asmara'. their also release the live album entitle 'Live 'N' Lod In Singapore' recorded live at 'Rastafari Reggae Splash' Siloso Beach Sentosa, Singapore on 31st July 2004. GSC back to studio for record their next album entitled 'This Is Ska'. This album release 2006 with 12 tracks.

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