Tuesday, 18 February 2014


MOHD FAUZI B AHMAD or better known as POE in the entertainment and music within our country, Asia and the world in general, is a man of distinction to the music world. HE is truly known for his Reggae Music as a ‘sifu’ or ‘master’ for the Reggae in Malaysia.

This simple and Malaysian Poe then embark his journey in Reggae Music when a friend came back from overseas in the 70’s and gave him a Bob Marley record. The Reggae Music of Bob Marley pierced througth Poe’s heart and Poe Reggae music was born.

Poe wrote 15 songs and lyrics internationally in 1984 for a reggae album but was not accepted in Malaysia music market then. His inspired concept and album was changed to a mixed genre. With such mixed feeling being refused and rejected, Poe was determined to undermind our Malaysia mind to openly receive reggae music. He then form NONAMA the first reggae band which became a very porpular to club goers and foreigners living in Malaysia. NONAMA was the only previlege band to perform in PUDU JAIL then, organised by Malaysian Bar Council.

Sifu Reggae Poe has 20 years and more credited to his name in the music and entertainment scene and has crafted more than 10 albums under ‘Warnada Music’,  ‘B.M.G. Music Malaysia’,  ‘Common Network’,  ‘Warner Music Malaysia’, ‘F.M.C.’  &  ‘Rekod Dulu Music’. ‘Dunia Materialistik’, ‘Apa Macam’,  ‘Antara Kita Dgn Iblis dan Syaitan’,  ‘X’Klusif ’,  ‘Tol ka Samy?’, ‘ Sorry La Samy’, ‘Thank You Mr. Samy’,  ‘Battle of the Kartuns’,  ‘Pedas’, ‘V.I.P.’,  ‘Sahabat’, ‘ Madu Tiga’, ‘ Buat Balik’,  ‘Berus Braders’, ‘Reformasi Diri’  and  ‘Satu Dunia Satu Harapan’  are some of the albums recorded from 1984 thru 2007.

Poe have Malaysia’s best and talented musicians worked with him throughout his recordings.Among them are Lewis Pragasam, Razak Rahman, Ahmad Abdullah, J.P. Abdullah, Andy Peterson, Julian Mokhtar, Aubrey Suwito,Rahim Hamzah, Hillary Ang, Jimi Sax, Azmi Hairudin (Sax), the late Surya Booty, Freddy Fernandez, Annuar Razak, Zainal Nordin (Rampa) and many more (you know who you are guys...you are the best).

In 2012 Poe went on stage at The Kuala Lumpur Music Festival doing his Reggae with 500 Dikir Barat backing vocalists. The show was held at Istana Budaya was a fullhouse! 

Poe has performed in Hotels, Clubs, Pubs, Various Concerts & Tours and a variety of Television programmes. ’ The Lucky Strike Concert’,  ‘Concert for Bosnia’ and  ‘Consert Ziarah Seni Suzuki’ are some of the shows he has performed.

With Bob Marley still lingering in his mind from the day Poe came into the world of reggae, He was more and more ispired by the lyrics and relaxing sound of Reggae. Then, during the 70’s he dreamt of puting Malaysia on another world map....The Reggae World Map!by organising an International Reggae concert in Malaysia.

With that he founded and formed the Malaysian International Reggae Community. Whilst that was form, Poe developed its Blogspot, www.malaysianreggaecommunity.blogspot.com three years ago. In 2013,www.malaysianreggaecommunity.blogspot.com was awarded as the ‘Best Tourism Entertainment Blog 2013’ by Ministry of Tourism.

NOW,...he is much closer in realising his dream... The birth of PUTRAJAYA INTERNATIONAL REGGAE FESTIVAL, MALAYSIA is now being proposed to be held on 6th & 7th September 2014 by Poe and his reggae community. They are now being supported from music industry, NGO’s, Institution and Government toward this auspicious festival.
by : Mohamed Adzman