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Rootstalk was formed on Christmas Day 2008, by rythm Apiq(also primary song writer), shortly after he left his previous old metalband,Mattidork. Apiq attributes the band name to a movie adaptation of Woodstock(a legendary stage perfomance/event), which he saw around that time and which had a verbal connection to therootstalk device.

Original line was am(lead),adli(drum) edy(percussion) lan(bass) lie(djembe) zerg(vocal). This original line-up cant stand for so long.Frustration led Apiq to temporarily disunite the band in 2010,though the group reformed soon after with Ali as the sole guitarist,Faizi(bass) edy(drum) am(rythm) and apix as a vocalist.

2011...rootstalk new-formed line-up perfomed at noisyhall with their very 1st own material "runaway cicee".
Disunite once again on march2011...and now the rootstalk back on stage with almost newface line-up..

Material :
1- Memoirasta
2-Oh hati
3- Cicee (runaway)
4- Propaganda (untitled)
5- Mr Arjuna 

Line Up:

Drum - johann
Lead - wan
Rythm - Eg
Bass - Amir
Percussion - kurt
2nd Voc - ery dh
Prime Voc - apiq

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